The Black Hills National Forest is one of the largest motorized trail systems with 1.2 million beautiful acres of the Black Hills National Forest in western South Dakota. And off-road enthusiasts can access and enjoy many thousands of those acres by using the Black Hills National Forest Motorized Trail System – consisting of over 3,600 miles of roads and over 600 miles of trails for ATV, UTV, and other off-road riders. Included are 90 miles of single-track trails for motorcycles; 347 miles of trails for vehicles 62 inches and less in width in South Dakota; and 72 miles of trails for vehicles 50 inches and less in width in Wyoming. There are also 148 miles of trails open to all. The system incorporates a large number of looped trails and includes parking access from 20 trailheads.

Every location in the Black Hills is a special place, but there are hidden gems around every corner! There are gorgeous vistas around every
turn. Outlooks that take your breath away. And if you look really hard, you may be able to come across a cave, abandon mine, or even a ghost town. Not to mention the wildlife you can see along the way. So much to see!!! Get out and explore the beautiful Black Hills in a different way – go off-roading!!!



The Ditch Creek trails are situated close to a major Black Hills favorite lake – you also have the beautiful silica mines! It is in the high Limestone Plateau of the Black Hills. This 100-mile trail system has a mix of open meadows, thick aspen, dense spruce, and high mountain streams. A sight to see for sure!


Bear Mountain – this is a great ride out of Custer. You get to explore and ride deep into the Black Hills. The forest service fire tower is located at Bear Mountain. Because of all the aspen groves along the lower half of the trails, it is a beautiful area for nice leisure riding- to enjoy the sights! Bear Mountain is the third-highest mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota.


Hell Canyon area trails are unique in that they take you through draws and gullies. This is a great mixture of grass trails, and beautiful prairie trails, and then you also have more rock climbs. Seriously a beautiful area of the Black Hills, where pictures don’t even do it justice!

All of our off-roading machines come with their trail permits on them, they have tablets that have the off-roading trail maps downloaded onto them, and they also have full windshields, half doors, and road legal kits. The Black Hills National Forest encourages all motorized users to follow the Tread Lightly! Pledge and so do we!! Don’t wait – book your ride today! You will not want to miss out on exploring the beautiful Black Hills! Explore like never before!!! Let’s take you on an adventure.